Tips for Starting a Towing Company

Some people are suited for office work, while others love being in nature all day. And then there are those who love to have full control over their professional destiny. Starting a new business is never easy, but the United States is the one place where you can really make it as a small business owner, as long as you have a plan! You may have looked into the potential profits that you could make if you started a towing business. And if you are tempted by the idea of starting a towing company, we have some tips that we think are going to help you during the period where you set up your company.

Choosing the Calls to Take

Have you ever wondered how customers call a particular towing company when they are on the road? If you are like most people, you probably do not have the phone numbers of specific towing companies in your area. In most cases, you would end up calling the company that has a relationship with AAA or whatever motor club service you are using. Towing companies can really benefit by establishing relationships with these types of companies.

Another way for a towing company to gain customers on a daily basis is through the local police department. While you are not going to make an exclusive deal with the PD in your area, you can make an arrangement where your company is the first one called for towing services when there is an accident. Dispatch officers will always make the call to your offices, which would give you first picking on any towing requests. But such a relationship is not easy to establish and maintain.

What Do You Need?

Running a towing company is very much a mobile business. The bulk of your work is being done on the road. Some towing companies may have their own repair shops, but it is not a necessity. You may have a service where you exclusively get cars from point A to B, without any added services. And as long as you are providing said service in a very impressive way, you will still have plenty of customers. So figure out what type of towing company you want to run, and what assets you are going to need to get the company off its feet.


As any business owner would tell you, dealing with insurance claims is one of the most annoying aspects of being an entrepreneur in the United States. And if you are running a towing company, you are going to run into even more of these situations. Not only are you going to need car insurance for all the trucks that you have on the road, but you will also need business and liability insurance to cover you against incidents where customers claim damage to their cars or property during the towing process.

At the end of the day, starting any company is a challenge. But with the right planning and execution, there is no reason why you cannot start a successful towing company in your area.