Guide to The Different Types of Services Provided by Towing Companies

When you’re out on the road, nobody knows when something bad will happen. Vehicles are machines after all, and they tend to act up every now and then. That’s why it pays to have an immediate roadside assistance plan for when you really need it.

Whether you’ve had a serious accident, developed auto mechanical issues, or simply ran out of fuel, towing services ensure that your vehicle is out of danger and where you want it. Towing companies have the benefit of highly professional service, 24/7 availability, direct towing to an auto repair shop as well as equipment for all sorts of towing services. Since you’re here, it’s safe to say that you need some of our towing services ASAP. Here’s a look at the many types of services provided by towing companies and how they suit different people.


Types of Towing Services

Wheel Lift Towing

This type of towing service is ideal for vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds and tows that are relatively short. In addition to being super affordable and faster than the other options, wheel lift towing is also far more efficient for smaller cars. But as with all other cheaper services, there has to be a caveat. For you to get a wheel lift tow, all the Image result for Wheel Lift Towingwheels on either the front or the back axle have to be functional. Wheel lift tows are more common for minor accidents and a favorite for towing personal vehicles.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is by far the most advanced, safest and reliable option for towing all kinds of vehicles. All professional towing companies have at least a couple of different sized Flatbed trucks in their yard for cars above and below the 10,000-pound mark.

Flatbed towing allows you to safely negotiate the lifting of your vehicle as well as the safe strapping and securing onto the platform for transport. This means that your car never touches the ground. In addition to a 4 wheel tie down system, Flatbed towing offers the best solution for long distance towing. So whether you are hauling your powerful SUVs and hefty mini trucks or just moving rare and antique collections to the showroom, a Flatbed is definitely the way to go.

Medium Duty Towing

This basically involves other reliable options for towing trucks and vehicles that are more than 10,000 pounds. Aside from a Flatbed, wheel lifts can also be used here. The only difference is that the lift is attached to a much stronger Related imagetruck or engine that can haul weight like a modern freight train. However, the real monsters and mechanical beasts are in the next category below.

Heavy Duty Towing

When you’re driving monsters such as tankers, earth movers or freight trucks, then you obviously need an even stronger monster to tow you along. Heavy duty towing services provide a versatile and comprehensive solution for lugging massive vehicles and earth movers. Basically, the entire vehicle is lifted clean off the ground and suspended in the air by robust arms. The vehicle could either be towed this way or placed on a huge platform for safer transportation.

Motorcycle Towing

With the number of superbikes, hogs and all types of other motorbikes literally quadrupling in just a few decades, more and more people are requesting for bike towing services. Not only is motorcycle towing very beneficial in the event of breakdowns, but is is also essential if you are moving a bunch of bikes over a long distance. Motorcycle towing trucks come with harnesses and straps that keep every bike upright and secured all through the drive. Image result for motorcycle towing

Additional Types of Towing Services

As with all other credible companies, the types of services offered do not just revolve around towing. Think about it; why would you pay for a full tow when your biggest mistake was just locking your keys in the car or forgetting to top up the fuel tank? That’s where some extra services literally come in handy. They include:

Locked Keys

Locked yourself out of your car? Don’t worry; not everyone can afford those fancy, keyless auto systems. The best towing companies have a line-up of skilled locksmiths who can safely unlock your vehicle. They achieve this by using high tech lock pickers that will not damage your car in any way.

Jump Starting

Hey, batteries have an uncanny habit of dying when you least expect it. Instead of having to rely on the mercy of a total stranger, towing companies can send a vehicle over for instant jump starting right there on the road.

Fuel Delivery

While less common, some drivers still forget to check their fuel gauge and end up stuck in the middle of nowhere. Related imageFortunately, a decent towing company will send over a truck with your requested fuel to get you right back on the road. And all it will cost you is just a few buck over the actual fuel amount.


So you pushed your car too hard, and now you’re in a sticky situation. Be it mud, snow, a ditch or any other obstacle, it’s never easy pushing your car out. This especially applies if you are all alone or in a dangerous situation. Instead of trying to power through the jam and risk blowing your engine and transmission, why not take a safer route? Towing companies provide you with trucks that have powerful winches capable of pulling vehicles from all sorts of sticky situations safely and efficiently.

Now that you have a rough idea of all the different types of services offered by towing companies, making the call should be much easier and straightforward. Not only will this information help you get the best type of service possible, but it will save you a lot of time and money too.

If you need anything, make sure you explain yourself fully to the towing company for the best service delivery possible. Getting it wrong could mean paying for a Flatbed tow service when all you really needed was a locksmith or a winch-out. But most importantly, never compromise the safety of your car with cheap, questionable and unreliable services. Talk to the leading towing companies today; they know what’s safe for your vehicle and good for your pocket.